Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Heart Beat . 300

about to look at my results online...
heart's beating so fast like i'm about to pass out
i'm tired from work but i need to get over this before i sleep

逃不開 避不掉


加油 你可以的

告訴你 不能怕

Wednesday, 2 August 2017



I feel so irrelevant
irrelevant, even to my family and friends

I don't want to be negative
or perhaps just my mood swings taking place
but one feeling that has been inside me for very long
today I found a word, Irrelevant.

I used to be very vocal about everything
probably too vocal and also too insensitive
that I became annoying and stupid

Now I am afraid
afraid to express
express everything

I used to share everything
share everything that happens to me
to my family friends and the world
but now I am afraid

Afraid of judgments
afraid of simply being my own self
I am insensitive but I still care
but in a wrong way I guess

Too many changes
too fast and too quick
growing up and adapting to new lifestyle
different from being a student
cruel yet beautiful

Everyone moves on
onto their own path
no one share anything meaningful anymore
technology may be to blame
but I say it is the change of heart

Simple village life becomes busy heartless cities
no one could turn back
most would not want to go back
I just want to stop
stop and listen
listen and say goodbye



Friday, 30 June 2017

成名 . 在望

今年的金曲獎 成績已出爐

五月天 以 第9號作品 [自傳] 入圍8(+1)項

1. 最佳作詞 - 阿信 [成名在望]
2. 最佳樂團
3. 最佳國語專輯
4. 最佳作曲 - 怪獸 [後來的我們]
5. 最佳專輯製作人
6. 年度歌曲 - [頑固]
7. 年度專輯
8. 最佳單曲製作人 - 瑪莎 家家的專輯 [還是想念]
9. 最佳音樂錄像帶 - [頑固]

金曲獎 這一次 如瑪莎的PO文所說 評審很有GUTS.
五月天已經是公認的天團 所以再多的獎 也不過是再多一份的肯定.
總之結果是 拿到了 最佳國語專輯 和 主唱的 最佳作詞人獎

[自傳] 這張專輯是我的最愛 因為每一首歌都是五月天的生命 都是我們活在這個世代的人的證明. 說真的 每一首我都非常喜歡. 能做到這樣 真的不容易. (PS/ 而讓我最深刻的專輯則是 [後. 青春期的詩] 因為那是讓我徹底愛上五月天音樂的開始.)

只要是喜歡五月天的 沒有一個會不為主唱感到不值. 之前的作詞獎 阿信 以 [如煙], [我心中尚未崩壞的地方] 和 [諾亞方舟] 入圍過 但卻都沒讓他拿到. 阿信的作詞能力其實早就毋庸置疑了. 正如其他團員之前的打抱不平 這是個 '遲來的正義'. 我也每一次都哭的淚流滿面 因為我知道阿信 為了歌詞 付出了多少. 那是 多少個寂寞孤獨難熬的夜晚啊. 而這一次 我有強烈的預感 [成名在望] 一定能讓我們的搖滾詩人拿到 這個早該給他的肯定.

阿信的感謝詞很短. 他說 這個獎 是為我們拿的.

我們知道 你從來都不在意拿不拿獎


12月無限公司上見 ♥

Sunday, 11 June 2017

SuChanHun . Skechers

Of course, I wouldn't miss such a rare chance to see EXO in person. Original plan was to get up at 7 and reach causeway point by 9am but then I overslept and only reach around 11 plus. Stood at the side to avoid being sandwiched in the main area but then chased by security saying the management does not allow people to stand at the side. =.= I was thinking seriously the main area gonna be exploded with people anyway and others will eventually need to stand at the side right. What's the point of chasing us now? okay never mind I knew they were just doing their job trying to make the event as safely and organised as possible so being a really good girl, I moved into the main area and begin the long hours of waiting for the event to start while squeezing with other fans. I was standing the entire time. The willpower in me wanting to just catch a glimpse of yeol, hun and myeon was pretty strong uh... 

The screams went above. I swear the whole mall shakes when all the fans screamed for EXO. Okay, anyway I couldn't really see the stage when they finally came. There were some fans standing on a stool. I didn't know they were so well prepared seriously. And all the cameras and phones raising high up makes it even more impossible to see them on stage. What more, Sehun was blocked by the speaker from my side. Everyone from my side went 'where's ohsehun???' (LOL FACEPALMED) but it's okay I know he's looking super good on that day. :P Lucky still managed to snap a decent photo of my ult bias Chanyeollie and Leader-nim Joonmyeonnie. 

What's important is I survived the whole event man. I wouldn't actually blame the organiser or security or even the fans. EXO seldom come for any public event. There's fans from all around the world, gathered in this super tiny area of a shopping mall. It's kinda messy and noisy. I am sure many people were annoyed at some point of time while waiting or when everyone squeezed more infront when they finally appeared on stage. But then again, chanyeol sehun and joonmyeon were still so friendly, waving and smiling to everyone. I am sure they have come across situations so much worse than this. They kept their composure and went through with the whole public appearance event.

Still, thank you to skechers for bringing three of them here to singapore. The fans may went a bit too crazy but were passionate and everyone should totally understand why. This is exo we were talking about. Even if it was just the three of them here, exols went all out. 

Seeing them again after exo'rdium was such a gift. I went down simply to show some love and support for them. Thank you for coming despite your super hectic schedules and non-stop prepping for the major comeback. Guess I will see them again during their next world tour? : D


Thursday, 8 June 2017

June . Me

It has been two weeks since my last final paper. I have only started actively looking for a perm job beginning of this week. So far, no calls no luck. I spend my days mostly searching for job opportunities online, watching yt videos/netflix/animes/dramas/variety shows, constantly on social media websites (twitter, instagram, facebook, weibo, pinterest), listening to my fav songs, reading the book I left unfinished for such a long time already (Mitch album's the magic strings of Frankie Presto), play some mobile games (tsum tsum and also exo run which I re-downloaded just yesterday) and sometimes simply stare into space and wonder WHAT IS NEXT?

I guess I am too used to the past three years of the life of a student. Suddenly there's nothing else to study or revise for, i'm feeling kind of lost. A few days ago, I watched weylie's new yt vid of girls talk. Guess what, she really knocked some sense into me. I follow a few youtubers/celebrities that are around my age and always feel like 'what am I doing with my life man' while they are already so successful and gained so much out of the things they were doing in their life at our age. Weylie is one example and also celebs like IU, Ariana Grande, EXO etc. They definitely have their difficulties but they were able to overcome them to reach such respectable/admirable position. I shouldn't actually compare myself to these famous people but hey looking up to them as role models does helps sometimes. I love how people inspire each other and how ideas and love spreads.

Anyway, back to weylie's video. She was talking about something like how social media affects people. I used to be so hooked on social media but later grew tired or even thought those platforms were so meaningless. But she is actually right that social media is to be blame to a certain extent but what is important is that we shouldn't let it affect our lives that much. We, as the user, should be able to control our feelings towards it. Yes, we should be the one controlling how our feed should be like, what messages it can deliver to others and not let other users affect our feelings too much. Social media is here to stay and how we use it to benefit ourselves is important. I really hope social media platforms will be a place that spread love, spread creative ideas, spread knowledge, full of inspirations and a place to connect people around the world or within communities. There will surely be people using it in a negative ways or even for illegal matters. All countries should have better authorities/regulations/technical support to see to that aspect.  

So yea, I think I will appreciate social media more now than before.

I need to better organise my life right now.
I want to feel good on my next birthday, which is an age quite significant.
I should do much better than I am right now.
I finally start to run and read again.

Next EXO event is this sat chanyeol sehun and suho gonna be in town YEHET
And for MAYDAY will be Taiwan's 28th Golden Melody Awards on 24th June. (:

Last but not least, of course exo-cbx my fav sub-unit ever 💖

EXO-CBX Japan Debut Album GIRLS

Let's hope I will be hired already by the time I post here again. :|